Why I Use Chatbooks!

Growing up I was the girl with 4×6 pictures printed and plastered to my bedroom walls.  I had them circling my room almost like chair rail molding and when that filled up I followed the ceiling molding.  I had my own version of a gallery wall, photo albums filled and what seemed like a scrapbook for every stage of my life.  I continued this through my first year of college and then something happened.  I always attributed it to being away, growing up, not enough time, etc.
As I look back now, I realize that I huge reason these memories we no longer being treated the same is because they lived in a world of smart phones and social media!  I was no longer taking my Canon point-and-shoot with me everywhere I went, having to come home and upload images from a memory card and print them in order to share them with people!   Instead, they were instantly shared online, being sent through a text message and living in my phone’s camera roll for as long as I wanted.
Then, like technology does, things evolved. Computers died and were unable to be restored, phones were lost/broke/stolen, we forgot to back it up to “the cloud” and just like that, we slowly lost those memories and moments we thought we would have forever.

When I found Chatbooks back in 2014, I knew this was just the solution I was looking for!  I no longer had the time to spend countless hours scrapbooking these memories because I found a company that would do it for me, instantly!
I started with a subscription to the Photo Book Series!  It’s only $10 a book (use this code to get $10 off your first order!) and they do the thinking for you!  I created two different series books and linked them right my personal and business Instagram accounts.  Every time I posted on Instagram, it would automatically add it to my Chatbook.  After I posted 60 photos on Instagram, Chatbooks would notify me that my album was ready to print and I had 3 days to make any changes!  I usually go back through on the app and check during that 3 day period to see if there are any images I might want to exclude or any captions I may want to change, but that’s it!  It’s that simple!

Since I have been doing this since 2015, I have 16 volumes for business chatbooks! It is such an amazing way to help preserve your favorite moments, have a tangible product of your growth and to finally get those images out from behind a screen!
I have a chatbook series for my personal instagram account as well, but I find that I don’t post on their nearly as often so this year we decided to make a custom Chatbook!  We uploaded all of our favorite images and moments from the entire year and made a 160 page Chatbook for 2018.  I added little captions to help us remember each location or significance of the moment that we may forget years down the line! It was such an easy way to get our images that may not be the most “instagram worthy” into something we can look back on and share forever!

Use this link to get $10 off your first chatbook!

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