Pinnacle Overlook Engagement Session – Sara + Alex

How did the two of you meet?
“Alex and I both went to high school together, but we didn’t start dating until after college. That summer after I graduated college, we had seen each other out at some bars and had talked quickly because we had some similar friends. I had thought he was funny, but our paths did not cross again until November. My 3 best friends and I were all home for Thanksgiving and they wanted to go out that night. I didn’t want to make a big production of going out that night, but in the end, I decided to go and leave early. Well, right when I was about leave, Alex walked in and all of a sudden I decided to stay. We spent the rest of the night talking and it all progressed from there.”

Tell us about the proposal!
“I actually knew it was coming since we picked out the ring together. Alex didn’t want to get me something I would not like and he wanted it to be perfect, so we actually designed the ring together. The weekend after we picked up the ring, we went up to my parents’ lake house in the Poconos because we had not seen them in a month. I had told Alex right before the weekend saying that it would be nice if he proposed there since it was the place we first said I love you to each other. We got there Friday night and so did my brother and his girlfriend. We were all talking in the kitchen/living room area and having a nice time when Alex pulled me aside into the open space and proposed to me in front of my whole family. Although I knew it was coming, I didn’t know he was going to propose in front of everyone that night. It was really special because we were able to spend time just as a family together and celebrating the engagement.”

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