Philander Chase Knox Estate Spring Engagement Session

Last week we ventured to Sam and Joe’s wedding venue, Philander Chase Knox Estate in Valley Forge National Park!  I met these two a few years back through mutual friends and I’ve had the opportunity to get to know them pretty well over the years.  We were even all in a wedding together back in September!  Going into our session I knew these two were going to be so much fun to be with, but they blew me away! I even let out an “OW OWWWW” when they went in for a kiss which I’m chalking up as one of my most embarrassing session moments to date. (Guys, who does that?! It was a first and definitely a last for me). Luckily, it turned into loads of laughter and the sweetest moment to follow.  What started off as a dreary cloudy day ended with giving us the most gorgeous glowy light and I just can’t wait to be back in June for their wedding!


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