Penn State University Spring Engagement Session

Andrew and Leigh’s engagement session brought us to Penn State University on Saturday and there are not enough words to describe how full my heart is right now.  As the first engagement session of 2017, the was no denying the fact that I was actually nervous!  (Yes, even after photographing 50+ weddings and endless families and couples, nerves still exist!)  And for me, this is such a good feeling.
These two were such troopers, showing me around campus as we dodged more pop up showers than I could keep count of.  Their story began over 10 years ago when they met right here at Penn State while attending summer sports camps in high school… and they have been together ever since!  As we ventured around, they showed me the apartment they shared which just so happened to be the exact same apartment that Andrew’s dad lived in when he attended Penn State (and no, that wasn’t even planned!), and the academic building Leigh claims that Andrew spent far too much time in during his undergraduate career.
One thing is certain with these two, there is no better match.  I couldn’t help but squeal my usual squeals, but even more than that, I could feel this love to my very core.  As soon as they would embrace there was this distinct calming effect that took over both of them.  It was like every ounce of nerves for being in front of the camera or any worry about whether they were getting soaking wet with messy hair just faded away.  They were truly at home in each others arms.  That my friends is most rare and beautiful love, and it is the greatest honor to be let in on a moment like that.

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