Maternity Announcement – Emmett + Jenn

Back in September, Jenn reached out to me with an idea she had with the hopes that I could be available the next day to capture it. I knew right away, I absolutely had to make it happen!

Together, we came up with a plan to convince her husband, Emmett, that I needed them to “model” for me for my updated style guide. I told them it would only be about 20 minutes and Emmett was totally on board.

Little did he know, Jenn was busy dropping a few surprises off at my house and sending me outfit ideas, all while trying to act normal.

As the session began to come to an end, I told Jenn + Emmett that I always make all of my couples do this at the very end of our sessions (totally made that up).
I handed them each a dry erase board and told them to write down one thing they loved most about the other person, or something they were excited for in their future together. Emmett happily obliged and quickly wrote ” I love your laugh”. Meanwhile, Jenn nervously bent down and wrote out the words that would forever change their lives! And the reaction was enough to bring us all to tears.

I honestly still get emotional just thinking about this day. Even as I am writing this, I can feel my pulse quicken from the excitement, anticipation and our joy of this moment.

A few months later, we met up again to capture their official pregnancy announcement!

And then again for an in home maternity session!

Their sweet baby girl, Grace, was brought into the world on May 2nd. Due to COVID, we were unable to do their newborn session in person, so we opted for a FaceTime session instead! I was able to walk Jenn and Emmett through everything via FaceTime, while they took the photos on their iPhone. They sent the images over to me so that I could edit them and I am so thrilled they didn’t have to miss out on having these moments captured!
You are so incredibly loved Grace, and we can’t wait to meet you soon <3

  1. Lindsey says:

    Absolutely love this!!! So beautiful and a gorgeous little fam!!!

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