Wissahickon Park Engagement Session – Megan + Josh

It’s funny how after a few days without a camera in hand, I was actually feeling so many emotions going into this engagement session. I was nervous, excited, all sorts of giddy, and hopeful that everything would turn out perfect (spoiler alert: it did!)
If you’ve been around here long enough, you know squeals are bound to happen during your session. I usually forget to forewarn people and then they just come out… usually with a little bit of silly jumps for joy. And once they start, it becomes really hard to control. (I’m sorry, but also, you’re welcome!) So, squeals…expected.
What I didn’t expect, and what the three of us (embarrassingly) discovered is that I can also reach a level of excitement that can only be expressed through horrible dance moves. I can’t say I’m proud of that moment but keep scrolling and you’ll understand why!
With their sweet dog Clifford (who I not-so-secretly wanted to take home with me) we ventured around Wissahickon Park, where I learned more bout how these two met in college and details about wedding planning. Megan + Josh were just simply amazing, sharing such sweet tender moments followed by heads thrown back in laughter! Totally my kind of people, friends! I told them after less than 30 minutes that they were going to have to tell me when to stop our session because I was exhibiting absolutely no self control, I could have photographed them all night!

Megan + Josh, I can NOT wait to capture your big day in 2020!

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