Sayen Gardens Engagement Session- Jenn + Kevin

On Tuesday night, we met Jenn and Kevin at Sayen House and Gardens for their engagement session. I spent the entire session doing a horrible job of controlling my squeals and “oh my gosh” because these two are absolutely perfect together. You know nose crinkle laughs are my favorite and there was no shortage of those with Jenn and Kevin.
In exactly one year we will be celebrating their wedding day, and we can not wait!!

How did you meet?
We met at a beer fest in Morristown NJ, where we were both living at the time. I was with my group of friends and he was with his. Somehow our groups began talking and Kevin and I were immediately drawn in conversation together. He asked for my number before my friends and I left. We went on our first date out to dinner the following week.

Tell us about the proposal!
We were supposed to be visiting my sister in Texas with my whole family. Kevin was in contact with my sister making plans for a proposal with everyone. We cancelled the trip with all that was going on with Covid. So one Sunday, we ended up going to my parents’ house for lunch. He proposed there with my parents, cousin, and my siblings watching on Facetime the whole time. I was totally caught by surprise. It was so special to have my whole family there ‘watching’ since they weren’t able to be there in person.

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