Philadelphia Engagement Session – Kristy + Frank

Captured by associate Nicole

How did you meet?
We both went to Neshaminy High school, and knew who each were. We had lots of mutual friends but never dated. We saw each other out in Langhorne a couple years later, he asked me out. I turned him down! We then saw each other again in Philly and I turned him down again!! The third time was a charm as we ran into each other again at McGillians on a Valentines night out with my girls! I finally said yes to a date!

What was your first date?
Our first “unofficial” date was at the Neshaminy Mall Movies we saw the Fighter. It was a weeknight and he picked me up from supervising gym night practice! Our first real date was at the Continental in Olde City and then we grabbed drinks after at the Lowe’s Hotel bar. Didn’t want the night to end!

Tell us about the proposal!
We have been dating for 10 LONG years 🙂 and of course Frank waited until Covid took over the world to propose! I thought it would be obvious when he was going to propose, but I was shocked!!! I always knew he would do it alone, so when he asked me to go to a winery with his brother and his brothers girlfriend I knew it wasn’t going down. I was very nervous about being around people, so he said it’s outside and we can leave if you aren’t comfortable. We were walking to meet Dante by the water and I was like where the heck is he??? Next thing I knew he was on his knee, I heard clicks from a camera (my cousin Jesse was in a tree taking a picture for us) and that was that! It was perfect and so much fun!! You would think after 10 years I would have been prepared! We celebrated together with champagne!

  1. Kim says:

    Love, love, love the pics and these two!!! We all waited for this to happen and are so happy for them! Love, F&K

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