Ocean City New Jersey Beach Engagement Session – Joe + Jen

On Monday night we met Joe + Jen in Ocean City, New Jersey. We started on the docks where Joe proposed almost 1 year ago before making our way to the beach. Just keep scrolling because these are some of my very favorite beach pictures!

Tell us about the proposal!
Jen & Joe were heading down to Jen’s parents home in Ocean City, NJ to celebrate her mom’s birthday. Jen & Joe took half days from work to drive down to the shore where her family was already gathered (red flag number one). Joe, who usually is always rushing Jen to hurry up so they can get on the road, had told Jen they could enjoy the afternoon a bit before they left for the shore since there wouldn’t be any summer traffic (red flag number two). The drive was slow with numerous stops (red flag number three- Joe is always trying to be on time and in a rush to beat shore traffic), and as they approached Ocean City, Joe asked Jen if she would like to stop at the pier on the bay near her parents’ house. As soon as they walked up onto the dock, Joe called Jen’s name and she turned around to find him on one knee. She said yes and giggled at the fishing line Joe tied to the ring, just in case of an accidental overboard situation. They pulled up to the Ahern’s house to find forty of their closest family and friends cheering on the front deck & sidewalk with champagne flutes in hand. Our closest family and friends stayed for the weekend to celebrate with us- it was the best weekend of our lives!

What do you love most about each other?
Joe- “I love her caring and kind she is. She is always doing random acts of kindness for me and everyone in her life. I also love that she can put up with my bullshit and give it right back to me.” 😉

Jen- “I love that we’re always laughing together. He is my partner in every aspect and is right there to help me through every high and low life throws us. He will go to the ends of the Earth to take care of me and everyone he loves.

  1. Patty Ahern says:

    These pictures are absolutely amazing. I love each and every one. You captured their love and laughter in every single picture. Thank you for this gift. I literally have tears streaming down my face! Wow is all I can say. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. Thank you Lisa

  2. Sudipta Bose says:

    These pictures are great. Love the emotions the place and colors. Beuatiful.

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