Kristy and Jimmy – Peace Valley Park Engagement Session

Kristy and Jimmy’s Peace Valley Park happened on the most beautiful evening after what felt like the longest humidity and heatwave we’ve had all summer.  Although we may have missed the lavender bloom, we chased the sunset down to the water and watched it transform with the most gorgeous colors!  Jimmy and Kristy, I can’t wait to celebrate your big day and capture your endless giggles and love!

Kristy + Jimmy 1Kristy + Jimmy 2Kristy + Jimmy 3Kristy + Jimmy 4Kristy + Jimmy 5Kristy + Jimmy 6Kristy + Jimmy 7Kristy + Jimmy 8Kristy + Jimmy 9Kristy + Jimmy 10Kristy + Jimmy 11Kristy + Jimmy 12Kristy + Jimmy 13Kristy + Jimmy 14Kristy + Jimmy 15Kristy + Jimmy 16Kristy + Jimmy 17Kristy + Jimmy 18Kristy + Jimmy 19Kristy + Jimmy 20Kristy + Jimmy 21Kristy + Jimmy 22Kristy + Jimmy 23Kristy + Jimmy 24Kristy + Jimmy 25Kristy + Jimmy 26

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