Behind the Scenes 2019

Hello friends!
Welcome to quite possibly the most embarrassing post I will ever share…until I do it again next year
Behind the Scenes 2019

Random facts of the year:
*We photographed 20 weddings – From the Poconos to the Jersey shores
*I use to think I had to wear a different dress for every wedding (crazy, I know) So instead you will see 5 dresses on heavy rotation with one surprise appearance of a green one.
*I cut off over 15inches of my long locks during wedding season.
* I also ever so gracefully sprained my ankle right after we got back from our own honeymoon. Keep an eye out of some serious fashion consisting of an ankle brace and sketchers

Wedding Photographer wear many hats on wedding days!

We are:
Wedding Party Wranglers

First look guides

Helpers with the jewelry

professional cake cutters

iPhone documenters

dress fluffers

lighting testers

memory makers

dress carriers

first look guides

plucker of wild things

drier of the tears

stealer of your dance partner

overseer of all angles

bustler of the dress

adjuster of the pose

dress perfectionist

jokester and right hand lady

director of all the people

fixer of the bouquet

super fashionable: visible leggings, dress, ankle brace and sneakers

preparer of the groom

friend to all

obsessor of all our couples

portrait taker

professional third wheel

fixer of the dress

honorary bff

director of where to go

reception light tester

full of squeals

boss lady of the rowdy groomsmen

lover of our amazing couples

bustler of the dress

fixer of the hair

This year we were lucky enough to have two past couples at our wedding days and to capture the wedding of the sweetest friends we’ve known since middle school!

Surprising our couples at the reception is one of our favorite parts of the wedding day! Their reactions just say it all!

Thank you to at 20 of our 2019 couples that allowed us to capture their most special day. We are forever grateful and so in love with what we do!

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