Tell us about the proposal!Mike proposed on Memorial Day Weekend at his house in Ship Bottom. It was probably the coldest and rainiest Memorial Day in history actually. I was relaxing on the couch, reading, watching TV and just enjoying laying low in sweatpants with Mike as we watched the stormy ocean from the windows. […]


December 17, 2021

Long Beach Island Winter Engagement Session – Tori + Mike

Tell us about the proposal!“It was our six year anniversary and we were down the shore for the fourth of July holiday weekend. I had booked a dinner reservation in Margate for our anniversary. Steve had just recently got a new job offer the week prior and was very busy with that, that the idea […]


December 8, 2021

Philadelphia Engagement Session – Stephanie + Stephen

How did the two of you meet?We met in Nashville, TN. Brett was there for a bachelor party and I was there for a fun girls trip with my college friend. As I was leaving the bar, I saw someone do a double take my way and I thought “Why not?” I walked over and […]


November 18, 2021

Lock Ridge Park Engagement Session – Taylor + Brett

Captured by Nicole Tell us about the proposal!“It was perfect! I thought we were just having dinner at my parents house, and when we showed up no one was ready yet. My mom asked us to help her set up and take some things down to the fire pit for a bonfire later. We got […]

Associate, Engagement

October 21, 2021

Backyard Engagement Session-Chandler + Griffin